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February 05, 2024

Hey y'all! First February post of 2024! It was an exciting weekend! Ian's birthday, the BIG 24, was Saturday, so of course we had a great time celebrating not only his birthday, but Ian himself. He racked up pretty good, getting 4 dolls, a Wednesday (Addams) throw, a Thing hand, and some necklaces, not to mention a gift card to Target and a cake! I think he had a great time, at least I hope he did! The weekend started for Ian and Steve Friday afternoon, since Steve got off work early to go get Ian on his way down but I worked until 8pm, so they'd been home for several hours before they left for us to meet up at Dairy Queen. Brady, one of my coworkers, joined us as well at DQ. After that, we went home where we stayed up until after midnight to see Ian's birthday come in. I let him and Steve go ahead and open my Valentine's gifts to them (since replaced with other gifts), because I love to see people's faces when they open gifts from me. I'm just crazy that way lol.

The weekend went by way too fast, but I think all three of us had a great time. Ian bought me a Hot Wheels car at Walmart while Steve and I were at Sam's. He bought another doll there as well, so I guess he actually ended up with 5 new dolls this weekend. After doing some more shopping on that end of town, we also went to the other Walmart, where I bought him one of the 5 dolls. I also bought myself a couple of Hot Wheels, of course lol. We had dinner with Shane at a Chinese buffet, then walked around At Home for a bit before heading home. Sunday was just a whirlwind that went by way too fast, and then it was time for them to leave. And that brings us to this morning lol.

Ok, on to the pics. Friday morning, I stopped at Walmart after Sam's to get Ian's cake, and a few other things, and ran across this gem while shopping. I'd seen memes and jokes about Walmart labelling chicken feet as "paws", but never thought it was real until I happened upon them myself! Hilarious! Obviously labelled by someone who knows nothing of chickens! Next we have Maggie, the first pic of her just sitting in the living room, but then in the next 8, she's doing a photoshoot in the sun on the porch. She was a happy gal that morning! And then later on Friday morning, she's sitting in Steve's doorway while I'm wrapping Ian's gifts. She wanted to be near me, but she knows better than to cross the threshold into his room! Next is just the wrapped gifts awaiting Ian. And then the next 15 images are of Ian opening his gifts and basking in the glow of having gotten his gifts. Then a few more images of Steve and Ian before we left for the day.

Next is a shot of Sunny and Sasha (hopefully I spelled their names correctly) sitting on my dash at Ward's, where we had breakfast that morning. And then pics of Ian and Steve when we had lunch at Uncle Al's Poboy's. Then come 2 pics of Ian's cake, and then a pic I took of a gift that Ian gave me, a cat and dog that he painted to match Maggie and Max. The Max one made me cry when I opened it up. He's such a thoughtful, beautiful soul. After that are pics from Saturday night of Ian and myself, one of Steve, and then some of Maggie playing with a blue ribbon. Then a three-doll fashion shoot, and more of Maggie loving her and Ian's bed Sunday morning, followed by more pics of the three of us in various poses and configurations. Steve took a shining to Thing, and I think the feeling was mutual!

The next 5 are pics of us at breakfast at McDonald's, and then 2 pics from our lunch at Rio Grande Mexican restaurant. After they'd left and Maggie and I saw down for a bit last night, I snapped an image of her relaxing on my lap, and then there's a pic I took this morning of my growing Hot Wheels/Matchbox/Johnny Lightning acrylic shelves. And that is that!

Ok gang, hope your Monday is extraordinarily wonderful, and until next time, take care of yourselves! Love you all!


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