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Sunday, December 31, 2023


Happy New Year, folks! This is the last day of 2023, which is 12-31-23, or 123 123! The Count from Sesame Street is laughing his undead ass off at that! Hehe, feeling my oats tonight, I'm afraid. Right now, it's 10:12pm and I am off to bed as soon as this is finished! Tomorrow the liquor store starts new hours, my shift will be moving one hour earlier, so I plan to start getting up one hour earlier to compensate, so I can get shit done around here before going in!

I also have started a new hobby. I bought my great-nephew, Brady, some Hot Wheels cars for Christmas, and it sort of ignited a fire in me to start collecting them myself. I really don't know a lot about them, and I have only purchased 8 so far (all from 2021, I believe, will have to check for sure later), and I only chose the ones that actually appealed to me. I definitely won't be collecting just any of them, each one I collect has to resonate with me somehow. I'll take pics of the cars later as well, once I decide if I'm going to remove them from the packaging or not. I did read that it's a good idea to collect duplicates of each car, that way you can remove one and keep the other in the package. So I'll have to track down the 8 I bought to get dupes of each of them lol!

Anyway, Steve and Ian were down this weekend, I didn't have to work yesterday, so we had a blast together! Today before they left, we went for a walk around the grounds of the Hattiesburg Convention Center. It's lovely there, and was so nice seeing all the ducks, geese, and other wildlife. And of course we took tons of pictures! However, not all of the pics below are from today, or from the Center.

The first 2 pictures below are from the liquor store. So nice having the fireplace open now that we have expanded, and Friday night it was rather chilly, so we had the fireplace insert turned on! Next is a set of coasters on the Annex side of things; I honestly don't even know at this point if they're for sale or if they're just decorative! Guess I need to find out! Also Friday night, a group of 9 people walked into the store at 8:59pm (we close at 9:00pm). I let them know we were closing very soon, but of course they didn't care about that at all and took their time looking around. We didn't get out of there until 9:30 because of them. I'd love to find their place of employment and walk in 1 minute before closing there and take my time, making them late getting out, but I'm also pretty sure not a single one of them has ever held down a job.

Moving on, the next three pics are all from Friday night after I got home. Cuddles with Ian, cuddles with Steve, and then a group picture of the three of us. After an obligatory pic of Ian and Steve in the shower, then starts the pics from the Convention Center, which I think are more or less self-explanatory. I did do some of what I consider artistic shots. The last 4 pictures are of Ian's doll sitting on my dash outside of Krystal's when we went there for lunch, then Steve and Ian while we were at lunch. The yellow dandelion I found growing in my back yard after the boys left. I thought it was cool that it survived the freeze last night, even if it wasn't a hard freeze. And then, almost last but certainly not least, an image of Maggie curled up on Ian's bed. And then the actual last image is a hobby I want to get into, making flowerpot scenes like this.

Ok, I need to hit the hay, so I'm closing this one out. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year's Eve and an even more fantastic New Year's Day! Love you all!


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