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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Well howdy, partner! The New Year is just 4 days away! Can you believe it? 2023 has been such a...year. Much like the last 3 have been. The 2020's just, man, just seem to be so full of crap and bullshit. But this year will be ending on a fantastic note, since both of my guys, Steve and Ian, will be with me this weekend, and I'm actually not working this weekend! I will have to work Monday, the 1st, but hopefully not until later in the day.

So this week has been a very weird one. Despite being a short week, it's felt like the longest week ever! And Tuesday was the Mondayest Tuesday I've ever experienced! Of course, part of that was because Tuesday was "Monday" for this week. But honestly, just about every day this week has seemed like Monday! I did get a nice surprise yesterday, though. Nate, one of our good customers, came into the store, and after spending $1100 on some whiskey, slipped me a very nice tip. That was due to my letting him into the store right at close, when I was in the process of locking the door, Monday of last week. He had said he was going to bring me something, but when he didn't show up by Christmas, I figured he was just full of shit. But then yesterday he came through, and it was a big enough tip that I was more than satisfied. I even tried, halfheartedly lol, to refuse it by telling him that was way too much, but he insisted, and I'm not one to rain on people's parades lol.

This year has had so many ups and downs. Almost losing family members (but thank God, didn't), betrayals, oscillating love life, bringing Ian into the fold of my love and expanding my heart to now having 2 boyfriends, watching Max grow older and frailer, getting promoted to manager at just goes on and on. But I've survived almost to the end, just a few more days to go until I can say I survived the year.

Monday, I drove up to my family and spent the day with them. We had a great time, and the first 4 pictures below are from that day. I'm not going to post pics of the family, but I took an artistic (to me, anyway) picture of my sister's table centerpiece, and then a picture of her tree. Then there's a picture of me and a dog that belongs to one of my other family members (of course I had to get a pic with a dog!) and one of him by himself. He's such a handsome fella! The next 3 are of my little tree without any gifts around it, and then Max and Maggie in their favorite areas lol.

The rest of the pictures are of one of my favorite models, Bryant Wood, who's not much of a model anymore, he's more of a breathwork guru now.

Anyway, that's it for now! Have a fantastic day!


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