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Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Today I'll go celebrate the holiday with my family, but I wanted to get one entry out today before I go! Christmas has always been magical to me since I was a kid, and I've always enjoyed the days and weeks leading up to it, buying gifts for loved ones, wrapping those gifts, decorating the tree and house, and just basking in the feelings it all gives me. As an older adult now, it's not quite as magical as it once was, and it's more and more difficult to find the festive feelings that once came to me so easily. But even if I don't really have the holiday spirit this year, I'm so very thankful for the two guys in my life, Steve and Ian. They complete me and I just couldn't imagine life without them. I know Ian will see this, even if Steve never will lol, so I love you both so very much.

Ok, gotta get rolling, so let me take y'all through the pics below! The first one is a Christmas gift from my boss. It's a glass wine "dickanter" lol, and it's so inappropriate and wonderful! I absolutely love it! The next several images are some ho ho ho's of the naughty variety! The ones of the sexy Santa in the red and white socks are copyrighted by Jake O'Donnell. Sure to spice up your Christmas! And then we have some still images from TikTok filters that I made last night (the videos would take too long to load on this platform).

Told you it would be a quickie! Again, I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful Christmas Day, spending time with those you love, even if only in spirit! Love you all!


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