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Friday, December 22, 2023

What up, peeps? Today is the Friday before Christmas! Who's ready for the holiday to be over? lol I know I am. I don't know why, and God knows I've tried, but I just don't have the Christmas spirit this year. A lot of that may stem from working retail at this time of year. These people can just get crazy! Although, in all honesty, it's not been quite as bad this year as in years past, but that could be because I'm more ready for it now that I was a year ago, and definitely more so than 2 years ago.

So today and tomorrow I'll be working 12-9 (no breaks, don't get those working here lol). The time will go by fast, though, although I do have to say, this has been the longest fucking week ever! I'm not sure why it has - could be because I'm looking forward to next weekend when Steve and Ian will be here. I won't see either of them this weekend, for obvious reasons lol.

So, I've not explicitly stated this yet, but I am now in a throuple with Steve and Ian. I won't get into the reasons how and why this happened, but I'm happy to have both of these amazing men in my life. I don't know the long-term repercussions from this, or how it's going to turn out, but I'm hoping for the best and am just enjoying the intimacy right now. That's enough for now. 😊

Ok, the pictures below. The first one is of Steve when he took Ian shopping and to dinner earlier this week, Wednesday I believe. The second is Ian and Steve in Steve's truck while they were driving. Next in line are Maggie, enjoying the heater this morning in the living room, and then Max, enjoying his new bed he got for Christmas (when Steve and I had our Christmas last weekend, Max opened his gift, too lol). And then there's a pic of little ol' me from this morning.

Next is an interesting painting I found on Facebook, and the image after that explains and describes the painting. The painting is weird vaguely terrifying, but it's also oddly calming and erotic (I'm sure the nude men are the eroticism lol). At any rate, I thought it should be included in today's entry. After that are 2 images (they did not come out very clearly) of what appeared to be an out-of-control fire on the other side of the block, but not too long after the flames were out, so I guess it wasn't that out of control. It appeared to be a grill that had caught fire. Maybe they just wanted their burgers extra flame broiled! Haha! And then we have a really funny Garfield strip that could be me calling Santa lol.

And of course after that comes the obligatory hot guys. That first image is of Fabian Arnold and a friend (both straight, as far as I know) holding hands. Fabian is German, and has an equally attractive younger brother named Felix. I'm not sure who's hand he's holding, but very cool (and hot lol). The next three are just some random hot guys that were posted in one of the hot guy groups I'm in on Facebook. And last, but certainly not least, is an image of Caylan Hughes, one of the hottest Southern male models I follow.

So, anyway, there may or may not be another entry before Christmas. If not, have a very Merry Christmas, y'all!


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