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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Six days until Christmas! And I haven't been doing as well with getting new blog entries out as I was last month, sorry about that to the 4 of you that read this blog! lol So this Tuesday started out pretty darned chilly, with temperatures right at freezing. I have to say that I am not disappointed with the cooler weather we've been having. My wallet isn't too happy with the heating bill, but it's not any worse than the cooling bill during the summer, so it all balances out!

So this week is leading up to Christmas, and it's our busiest time at the liquor store. We've expanded, and boy did we need to! We have so much inventory that we were doublstacking boxes in the aisles because there was literally no where else to put them. Thank God we don't have to do that anymore! We've spread out quite a bit, although there is still a lot more we could do. It'll get there! But the week before Christmas is definitely not the time to be worrying about getting more spread out! This is the time to sell, sell, sell!

Steve and I had our Christmas this past weekend, since he won't be down this coming weekend. The first several pictures below are of a lighted Victorian greenhouse that didn't go bye-bye with the August purge! I'm actually rather surprised it didn't! After that is a beautiful antique ornament that Jimmy gave me when we had our holiday lunch with him, Shane, and Blaise on Sunday. Then the next several pics are of Steve and myself taking turns opening our gifts. One of the gifts he gave me, which I prominently feature at the end of the gift images, is a gorgeous Amberina Spot Optic/Inverted Thumbprint water pitcher from 1883. I was definitely surprised by this, and I absolutely love it!

Next are images of the Annex/Cellar expansion at the store. We have a bourbon nook, a moonshine shelf, a margarita station, a Scotch section, gift sets table, champagne area, an eggnog and Irish cream corner, and some wines divided by country rather than by varietals. It's definitely worth checking out! Once a day an Easter Egg (at least for now) is added to the table in the bourbon nook, that Easter Egg being a Blanton's, an Eagle Rare, or a Buffalo Trace.

Next are images from Dixie, where Curt used to live. We shot pool frequently there and those were glorious times! Pictured are Lloyd, Connor, Curt, and myself, as well as some girl Lloyd briefly was dating and getting high with. Man, I used to have the hots for Lloyd! Nothing ever came of it, of course, but had I been just a little more confident, I may have tried! Lloyd and Connor are brothers, and while they definitely have their similarities, they're also as different as night and day. It's a shame that we all just drifted apart like we did. Curt and I are still friends, although we act more like acquaintances. But that's just how it goes sometimes!

Following these images is one of me from 2010, my first Christmas in the house. My God, I was so skinny! Wish I could get back to that size! The one after that is from the 49 Flea Market in Star, MS, from Thursday the 14th when I went up to visit with Steve and Ian. Steve saw it and pointed it out. "g" as in "George", "s" as in Steve. Ian pointed out there should have been an "i" to include him, but we didn't see one to add to it lol. The next image is just a funny directed at Steve, since this describes him perfectly lol.

The last 2 images are different. The next to last is just a still from The Walking Dead, season 9, which I'm currently watching (and am on season 9). I don't know if I'd mentioned it before or not, but I'd begun watching Supernatural again a few months ago. The first time I'd watched it, I only made it slightly into season 6 (I think) before I just couldn't stand the soulless version of Sam anymore. Well, I finally decided to go back and try again, and this time I made it to season 9 before stopping for a while. Just thought it was an interesting parallel that I'm on season 9 of The Walking Dead as well, although I will definitely finish TWD. This will be my third watch-through of the entire series. If I could just get through a single watch-through of Supernatural, I'd be happy lol. And finally, the last image is from 17 years ago today. In this image are Robin, who died tragically in a car crash just a short time after this picture was taken, Nick, myself behind the gay teletubby (lol), and then Brandi, whose birthday is today. That's why we took it 17 years ago, we were going to Movie Star Restaurant, when it was still in Purvis, for her birthday and she had mentioned the teletubbies in this yard that's famous for Christmas decorations every year. So of course we had to do it! I remember everyone being so scared of her driving, except for me. Hell, I'd ridden with Curt for several years, so I wasn't scared of anything! lol

Anyway, that's it for this entry! Everyone have a great day and a Merry Christmas! I'll try to get at least one more out before then, but tossing out that festive salutation just in case! Love you all!


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