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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Hello my people! Sorry for the long delay, been working a lot plus had a very interesting weekend! But here we are, 11 days before Christmas, and at least I'm getting one entry out! I count that as a win, regardless of anything else! Why? Because I'm here and doing it! Today is actually an extremely rare day off during the week. I'd considered just staying home and resting from this week, but instead I thought I'd pop up north and visit with Steve and Ian for the afternoon!

Ian came down with Steve this past weekend, and we all had a great time together! We did some shopping, did a lot of eating, and did a lot of bonding. I'm not sure how this will all play out, but it's definitely interesting to see where this does all go.

Anyway, for our selection of images today, we have 2 Christmas trees from various places. The first one is at Dairy Queen, the second is at Country Time fruit stand up on Hwy 49. Love the hat they put as the tree topper! I don't think I got a good shot of it, I should have taken the pic from a different angle, but it's good enough for government work, as they say! The one at DQ is very simple, yet elegant, with the white, blue, and silver motif! If I ever end up doing multiple trees in my house, I want one to be similar to this!

The next pictures are of Ian and Steve. Most of those were taken Saturday when they opened gifts from me. Ian got to open both of his gifts, while I only let Steve open a small one, and it was related to one of Ian's gifts. I think they both enjoyed their gifts, or at least I hope they did! The next image is one of the gifts Ian gave me, a drawing/painting he did of Max and myself. Such talent that boy has! I need to find a perfect frame for it. The other gift he gave me is too small for my neck haha, but it's a necklace with a Gemini pendant. I need to find a longer chain so I can rehome the pendant to it so I can wear it.

Next is an image of Maggie curled up sleeping on the bed. Before last weekend, she had lost all interest in the bed, but once she caught wind that Ian would be sleeping in there, she started laying on the bed again, even after he had left. Maybe she's searching for him? I know Saturday night she cuddled with him for part of the night.

Next are three blossoms from one of my Camellia bushes. It's taken a number of years, but it finally is producing quality blooms that are simply gorgeous! I had gotten it probably 10 years ago at the Mobile Flea Market, and I didn't know anything about them at the time, so it's been traumatized! It has large leaves, which I now know mean it should be in shade, but stupid ol' me just plopped it directly in full sun! It's finally gotten used to all the sunshine now, though!

Next are some things I found at the fruit stand. The Bob Ross mints I went ahead and bought, but I didn't buy the Merry Chickmas sign! I'm not certain it was for sale, for one thing, but also it would be sad since I don't have the chickens any more. Ah well! The next image is one I found online of Krampus that I love! It definitely sends shivers down my spine when I look at it! For those who don't know, Krampus is the evil spirit of Christmas that takes bad little boys and girls, shoves them into a sack, takes them away, and then eats them! So be good, for goodness sake! lol The next one I took yesterday when I was out and about before work. Diesel prices have certainly dropped dramatically! Haha, just thought it was funny.

Next is the little graphic I plan to post on Facebook for Christmas salutations! Sexy, funny, and seasonal, it's just perfect! Next is a tshirt that Ian needs to wear, lol, since he's so naughty all the time! I've no idea where to get one though! The drawing is one a fan of Jack Laugher and one of his swim partners after they had won a competition. The last 5 images are just pure sexiness! Random hot guys from Facebook and the web. Enjoy!

And that's it for now, folks! Have a great Thursday, and I'll post again when I'm able! Love you all!


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