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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Hey guys! December isn't starting off too well with these blog entries lol, but hopefully I'll be better at keeping up. Today is Thursday, and that means Steve will be down tomorrow night. He won't be alone this time, though! Ian is coming with him, so we're just going to have a massively great weekend, the 3 of us! I'm definitely looking forward to it, and I've been cleaning for his stay. God knows I'm a terrible housekeeper! So I'm having to step outside of myself to get this all done lol. Definitely going to be worth it, though!

I've added more lights and decorations outside. I now have a string of big bulbs hanging across my porch, and dug out the reindeer and sleigh, as well as my baby goat on a present decoration, from the shed. The first reindeer, the one taking off to fly, doesn't work (light up) anymore, but the other reindeer and the sleigh still do. The baby goat evidently was home to a family of squirrels in the shed. There were acorns and chicken feathers all up in that thing! And lastly (for now), I bought a silkie chicken ornament at Tractor Supply yesterday, so it's beside the goat. You'll see all these pictures in the first 5 below.

I also gave Max another bath this morning. The 6th picture below is shortly after his bath, when he was not happy at all lol. But he never likes a bath, so I'm used to that! As part of getting the place ready for Ian, I stripped the bed and washed all the bedclothes. Maggie (my cat) used to love being on the bed, but after her trauma of a bath several months ago, she has changed all of her habits, and one of those was being on the bed. However, as soon as I stripped it and tried getting it ready for Ian, she has decided she must be on that bed again! That's the image after the wet Max.

There are now more presents "under" my little tree, so that's the next image. Almost all the presents I have for people are wrapped, just have one more for my great-niece that just came in yesterday, and another present for my younger great-nephew (that one is a two-parter, one part is here but I can't wrap it until the other part comes this weekend), that need to be wrapped still.

The next image is just a funny one that describes my ex, Greg, to a tee. He only moved in with me and started up a relationship with me because he had quit his job and had no way to pay his rent. Of course, I didn't know this at the beginning. But anyway, "hobosexual" is just a perfect descriptive term!

And then I close it out with some random hot guys from the internet and from Instagram. Enjoy the eye candy! I know I did! Ok, and with that, I must bid adieu, as I'll need to start getting ready for work really soon, especially since I have the bank run to do before I go in and will need to leave earlier than normal. Have a great Thursday, all!


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