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Sunday, December 03, 2023

Happy December! Sorry I didn't get an entry out for December 1, but y'all know how it is! At least I'm getting out the December 3 one! So this has been an interesting weekend. It started out a bit shaky on Friday night when my boss and I had a bit of a disagreement. I won't go into specifics here, but it pissed me off enough that I will most likely be seeking other employment. I signed on as manager, I didn't sign over my life.

But anyway, to continue the goodness of the weekend, Steve and I also had a bit of a disagreement. Again, I won't go into specifics, but I was ready to break up with him over it. But I thought it through, decided maybe it wasn't that big of a deal. Maybe. I'm still struggling with it, but we shall see what exactly transpires from this. Will I stay? Will I go? Could be the lyrics to a popular song lol.

Friday morning, when I went on the Sam's run for Steve, I stopped at the At Home department store and looked around. One of the things I saw was the creepiest looking elf decoration (first picture below). Very creepy face and hands! While there, I did buy a couple of things, including a beautiful white peacock ornament for my tree (second picture). I also ended up moving the tree, with Steve's help, Saturday afternoon, and I much prefer the new location. The third picture includes Steve's stocking (the cat), and mine (the white one) hanging on the wall between the tree and Steve's bedroom door. The flowers are a Camellia, the Yuletide variety, outside Zaxby's, where we had lunch Saturday. The service there is terrible, and almost everything in the bathroom, at least the men's, has been out of order for months.

Saturday afternoon also saw Steve and myself cleaning the living room. Maggie, my cat, started out on the sofa, but once Steve drew out the vacuum, she said "Fuck that" and went into the kitchen, where she waited impatiently for him to finish (pictures 5, 6, and 7). Next we got ready, then headed out for a Christmas party. We went to our friend Cathy's home first, where I snapped a picture of her beautiful tree and her living room ceiling, as well as a couple of pictures of Steve on her sofa (pictures 8-11). Next are the party pictures at another friend Rheanne's house. Talk about a house! It's huge, and you can see in the group picture just how many people were there! It was a fun evening! Pictures 20-25 are of the master bathroom and some of the master bedroom. Fascinating house!

Today we went to PetCo because I needed to get some parakeet food for the noisy Whiskey and Rye. So of course I snapped a few pictures of the parakeets at the store! The next four pictures are of the pink light bulbs I got for my porch light. I'd love to have my porch light on more often, but bugs are drawn to it! However, I read that bugs can't see pink light, so I'm trying that out. My porch looks fancy! lol I also set about the task of decorating my yard for Christmas. It's only the first stage, I have severl more things to go out, just ran out of time today.

And then there was Sam. The last few pictures are of Sam Spade, a car mechanic turned model, who is just gorgeous! I didn't include just a ton of pictures of him since I had so many of my own pictures, but it's a good smattering of his sexy goodness! He can be found on Instagram, where you should give him a follow! He also has an OnlyFans, which I've never subscribed to, so I can't say how revealing he may get there.

Ok loves, it's time to end this one! It's nearly midnight and I need to get some sleep! Have a great night and until next time, be safe, be kind, and be loving!


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