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Thursday, April 22, 2024

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope all is well on this fine day! Not a great deal has happened since the last entry, but I wanted to do a blog entry anyway. Yesterday was my day off since I'm working Saturday, and I spent the day putting things to sell on eBay, both for myself and for Gary, the man who owns an antique store for whom I am selling Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts. You can check out my items here if you like.

Maggie is feeling a bit worse again, since she's no longer getting the prednisone on a daily basis. I've noticed a little bit of discharge on her nose again. Hopefully she won't get back to the stage where she was. She's also been less clingy this week, I think probably because of her daily doses of the antibiotic. Nothing can be done about that, though, she has to finish the bottle. I think we're pretty close to finishing it now, so no telling how she's going to be affected without taking it anymore. Well, let me revise - I took a break to eat lunch, and afterwards, Maggie was all kinds of playful, rolling around on the floor, "attacking" me, so it looks like she's feeling a little bit better now at least.

I think I forgot to mention in Monday's entry that we ran into half of A Paranormal Chicks at the 49 Flea Market. Kerri and her husband Colby were coming back from the coast and stopping at antique places along the way. It's always a pleasure to run into them! Didn't think to get a photo op in!

In the first images below, we see Maggie from Monday when she wasn't feeling her best. She was just snuggled up with herself on the bed. The next two of her are from today, when she was feeling a bit frisky and playful. The next image is just a house I'd love to have, in the middle of a lake, with no neighbors and no one to bother me lol. For the meme that comes next, I have to ask, only 5 minutes? lol Then there are 2 images of me when I shaved off the sideburns. I think I look pretty fuckin' cool! Haha! And then 2 of my tropical hibiscus blooms. All of the rest of the images below are of the 9 Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels I got from Gary. Two of them I paid "full" price for, the others were part of my bargain with Gary. We shall see how this goes!

Ok, my friends, the time has come. But first, the men's page is here. I'm going to skip the AI pages today just because I'm running out of time before going in to work. Have a great day, love you all!


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