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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

So, my Wednesday was just like Monday and Tuesday, having nausea and just feeling downright pukey. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but I'm most certainly tired of it. I kept to a diet of crackers today, and drank some sprite as well, while taking the carafate and zofran (odansetron) as prescribed. I've had my ups and downs today, at one point I was feeling good, but that unfortunately didn't last very long. But it doesn't matter how I feel tomorrow, I've been off work far too long and will work tomorrow come hell or high water. Hopefully all will go well and I'll feel better.

Not a lot happened today, other than taking Max out a few times. No pictures to show from those excursions, but I did snap a few of me, showing how haggard I'm looking these days. And also noticed several grey hairs in my beard now. Ooops! Not sure when they sneaked in there! Guess maybe from the stress of this week. I've always prided myself on having my mom's genes, she was very slow to get grey. When she passed at 94, she still had very little grey in her hair. The other pictures are just some I snapped of Max and Maggie together on the bed. Of course that arrangement didn't last very long, since they aren't terribly fond of each other. Max is still waiting for me to give the kill command to take Maggie out. If she gets in trouble, he sometimes takes it that way and goes after her. One evening a week or two ago, I was standing in the bedroom while talking to the hubby on the phone, Max was laying in the doorway, and Maggie had a case of the zooms and zoomed passed him into the bedroom. Max was quick though, once he perceived it was her and what she was doing, and then I guess perceived her as a threat to his little bowl of dry dog food on the floor, he snapped his jaws and ended up with a mouthful of her hair. He got in trouble himself then for that.

The parakeets have been surprisingly quiet today, but I'm sure that will change when I'm on the phones tomorrow. Hopefully they won't be too noisy. I'm gonna need what wits I have available tomorrow to deal with that new phone software that I still haven't tried out live, and I don't need them driving me crazy (crazier). Other news for today, I had 2 dozen eggs to give the family across the street. I skipped eggs for myself this morning and just ate crackers, and I won't be eating any eggs tomorrow morning either. I'm trying to keep to a bland diet that's easy on my stomach, and while eggs aren't exactly bad for my stomach, the crackers are better.

And so, I will draw this entry to a close. I know it's another short one, but I'll be more wordy, and have more photos, again before too long. May you have a wonderful evening, gentle reader, and until the morrow!


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