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Monday, April 19, 2021

So, while I did feel a little better over the weekend, last night I started feeling bad again, and by this morning, I was nauseated and feeling terrible. I was still determined to work though, this being Monday and basically we have to be on our death beds not to work a Monday. I was all logged into my work computer and waiting to clock in when I realized I wasn't going to make it. So I called in, then went to see my doctor about the nausea issues. And I figured while I was there, I'd also have him take a look at my finger and also at my knee that's been causing problems for a while now and only getting worse.

So I drove down to Purvis and saw my doctor, who prescribed carafate and odansetron. He also checked out my finger and my knee and decided xrays were in order for both. So, I then drove back to Hattiesburg, got the xrays, and waited a while for my prescriptions, but they were taking a while, so I went on back home. Shortly before the prescriptions were ready, the doc called with my xray results and told me he didn't see any breaks in the finger - however, when I broke 2 ribs several months ago, he also didn't see the breaks in the xrays from that visit, but after still having issues, I saw another doctor who ordered an MRI and that's when the breaks showed up. Now, considering it's been 3 weeks and my finger is crooked and still hurts, I'm thinking it's that same situation, that the break just isn't showing in the xrays. Or it is dislocated as I was beginning to think, but he didn't offer any suggestions other than the gel that he also prescribed for my knee could be put on my finger as well.

Anyway, later I drove back to town to get the prescriptions. They ended up being just over $50, so hopefully they'll actually work. After getting back, I took Max out for a walk, and that's when I snapped the pictures below. The first row is of a privet bush blooming down the road, It's sweet-smelling and has pretty little white blooms. The second row is of a nearby China berry bush/tree that's blooming. The blooms on it are pretty also. This little bush/tree has had a hard life. For the first couple of years, it kept getting mowed down, but it persevered, and finally a year passed without the mower and it grew tall with a woody stem. This is, I think, it's second year as a taller plant and the first I remember it blooming.

The third row is just of my patio area, with the David statue in the background. Then I zoomed in on 2 features, the little rooster and hen statue on a tree-stump pedestal in the lower left corner of the whole picture, and then a closeup of a bloom on one of the lavendar rose bushes I bought yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting that whole area set up so it'll be a showcase for my yard. And that's pretty much my Monday. Not very thrilling, not very exciting, but very exhausting, having to deal with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies. Anyway, have a great night, gentle reader, and until tomorrow!


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