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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday started out with me not wanting to get up lol. Before going to bed last night, the hubs and I had some extended personal time, and then we stayed up for a bit looking into statuary online. Once we got to bed, we were both so exhausted and slept well, but not long enough. So when my alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze twice before finally getting up and going in to snuggle with him for a bit before we got our day started. Now, I did leave out on Friday that I placed an order for the hubs for his restaurant with Sam's for pickup. It was actually ready last night, but we were far too tired, plus had been away from Max for far too long, to consider going to get it then. So this morning, we got up after snuggling, got our day going (which for me involved walking Max, feeding him, the fish, and the chickens, and then both of us getting ready to leave.

Our first stop was at Hardy's for breakfast, which when the hubby placed his order, they got it all wrong and had to go back and fix it like 16 times, but when I placed my order, they got it smoothly the first time. Now, all he ordered was a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and a medium coffee. My order was actually the complex one, since I got the biscuits and gravy combo in medium with hash browns and a soft drink with a side of sausage. No fuss or muss with mine at all lol.

After breakfast, we went to Lowe's, where we each got some plants, I got a 16" paver to go under my David and pedastal, a small bag of potting soil, and a liquid fertilizer for my flowering potted plants. It's a 15-30-15 mix, so it should produce some really spectacular blooms! I almost went with another one that was 12-55-6, but decided I didn't want that great of a discrepancy between them. Some of the plants I got included 2 beautiful lavendar rose bushes that I'm going to put out by my brick patio, 2 pink geraniums and a white trailing lantana for a hanging pot, a small black rabbit foot's fern with a small pot for it, and a beautiful orange geranium already potted in a plastic barrel-patterned pot. After Lowe's, we went to get the Sam's order, then went to lunch (because we spent that long at Lowe's) at Newk's, then came home and set up David, loaded up the hubby's truck with his Sam's stuff and all the plants he purchased, then showered and had personal time again before he left.

In additon to getting my plants potted, I also worked on my 75 gallon aquarium. I drained it, scooped out everything in it, cleaned it good, then put in the soil I'd gotten for it, planted the 6 creeping Jennys along with some of the plants saved from emptying the 75, put some rocks and driftwood around, then put sand on top of the soil and filled it up with water. It looks pretty darn good if I say so myself! Pictures below, of course! I'm not going to go through and discuss each picture below, they're pretty self-explanatory. So have a good night, gentle reader, and I'll talk to you once again tomorrow!


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