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Friday, April 16, 2021

So today turned out to be just as bad as yesterday, IBS-wise. And another day I missed on experiencing the new software before Monday. Monday is the worst day in this line of work, because we're usually so busy (generally 3,000-4,000 or more calls on Mondays), and I really had for that to be my first experience with it, but so be it. I was going to try and get on today at least for a little while so I could get some experience, but alas, my IBS didn't allow me to try that. I didn't start feeling better until late afternoon, and by then, there was little point in getting on the work computer.

While perusing Facebook for a bit this morning, I came across a picture of a painting done in the 17th century (I think) that I absolutely loved. It's a painting of a ginger man, nude, from behind. I saved the picture to my phone and love it. It's the first picture below. The second picture is from when I took Max on a walk in the late morning and came across a blooming oxalis. Oxalis were one of my mother's favorite plants/flowers, so I decided to take a picture of this one.

Once I started feeling better, I took Max for a good long walk up the road. The third picture is a selfie while walking him. The first picture of the second row is of the German shepherd and her child at a trailer up the road. She tends to be a little psychotic, so I always carry my taser when I walk that way. Today, she barked at us as we went by, then ignored us again, but then for some reason started following us and growling/snarling after we were well beyond her yard. So I had to pull out the taser and set it off. The noise scares the hell out of her. I've never actually used the taser on her, but I've had to set it off for the noise many times over the last couple of years. Once she hears it, she hightails it away from us. I don't know if she'd ever actually bite us or not, she seems mostly all bark and a coward, but I'd rather not take any chances, not after Max and I being attacked in our own front yard 8 years ago by a few pit bulls. I still have a scar on the back of my left leg from where one of the pits clamped down and tried pulling me onto the ground so they could get at Max, who I had up in my arms after dragging him out of the mouth of one of the pits. But that's a story for another day.

Later in the evening, my neighbor across the road, the one who gets most of my hens' eggs, let me know that a painting she had done for me was ready if I wanted to come out to get it. So I took a dozen eggs to exchange, and I absolutely love the painting! A picture of the painting by itself is in the middle of the second row, and then the last picture of that row was taken by the neighbor of me holding the painting. I'm so in love with it! It depicts the farm I want, the barn, a duck pond, cows and chickens in the grass around the barn. She even put water plants on the edges of the pond and water lilies in the pond itself. I'm thrilled by it!

I'm also thrilled that I'm finally feeling better. Nothing quite like feeling like crap for 2 days because of digestive inadequacies and failings. Maybe someday there will be a cure for IBS and other digestive-related diseases, like Max's IBD, a coworker's diverticulitis, or a friend's Crohn's. One can hope cures for those will come along! In any case, the hubby is closing his restaurant on Saturday's now, so he's on his way down now to stay the weekend. Glad I'm feeling better so I can enjoy his visit! Until tomorrow!


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