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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday started out with a storm, and didn't get much better, to be honest. Today we were going live with the new software at work, and of course my IBS decided to kick into action, making me miss the first day of that new phone software. The storm got bad enought I turned off my own computer and unplugged it, just in case. Then I proceeded to spend the day in discomfort, dealing with my issues and being generally miserable. At a few points, I even came close to vomiting, which I simply don't do. I get naseous quite often, but I have not thrown up since I was a child of 11 years old. Even all the many, many years in adulthood getting drunk to the point of anyone else vomiting, I never did. So for me to come that close this morning is simply unheard of. And that goes to show I was feeling worse than even I wanted to admit.

So, not much to write about for today, other than my bearded irises started blooming. They are beautiful, and this is my second year of having them. I purchased them last spring from Gilbert Wild and Sons, a mail-order company, along with quite a few reblooming daylilies. I originally had them all in the bed out where my brick patio now is, which before then was a large pond, about 20 feet by 12 feet in size, that I eventually decided to take down once my water seemed to go bad enough that it poisoned all my fish in it. I now have the smaller pond, of course, but I had decided a few months ago to do away with it also, but I think I'll keep it and just modify it some.

So, anyway, there are only 3 pictures below, one of myself and Max this morning when I was feeling my worst, and then 2 of the bearded irises I snapped when I took Max for a walk. Or out to the front yard, I forget now when I actually took them. The day has been spent in a blur. Hopefully a better day tomorrow!


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