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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday, for a little while today, seemed like it was trying to be a Monday, but it got calmed down and was more like a Tuesday after a while. I'm not sure what wild hair it got, but fortunately that wild hair got tamed. And just in time too, I thought I was gonna have to open a can of whoop ass on Tuesday! But in all seriousness, it did seem very Mondayish for a little bit this morning. The call queue rose up to about 30 at one point, but it was yet another computer glitch sending eroneous calls to patients, making them think they had to call to reschedule their appointments. And at first, the answer was yes, those appointments needed to be rescheduled, but then the truth came out and they didn't need to be.

A storm also came through this morning. I love it when my devices don't know crap and lie to me. Alexa told me there was no rain expected at all today, while Siri told me it would rain late this evening. And lo and behold, it began to look stormy, but both still insisted there was no rain. And then, a storm broke, with lightning, thunder, and rain. And at times, pretty gusty winds that almost broke one of my concrete Celtic crosses on my front stoop. I ended up having to move my plants off the railings and shelves on the front porch to the floor for their protection, but I forgot about the pots out in the front yard, so my sky pencils both got knocked over, and one of the little evergreens (I forget the name) on the front stoop fell over and knocked the aforementioned Celtic cross off one step and onto another. Thank goodness they're both sturdy! The first picture below is of my van in the rain (the rain is hard to see in the picture, my apologies). Then there's an image of my geranium in its glory, and a picture of the plectranthus in the large pot it shares with the two impatiens. The next three pictures are of the pot as a whole, then closeups of the white and pink impatiens. They're so pretty!

Next are pictures of the two hanging baskets I'd planted my tuberous begonias in. They're starting to come up, almost not all of the roots have sprouted yet. And last in that row of images is my little ivy that I couldn't leave behind at Lowes Sunday. I'm looking forward to the begonias growing and blooming, they're going to be gorgeous. And the little ivy will grow slowly but surely and will be a beauty in its own right.

And the last row of images is the latest glassware I bought off eBay. It's a Daisy and Button relish or pickle dish in the shape of a canoe. It's fairly big, at 14" long, and although Daisy and Button was extensively reproduced, my research has shown that this size of canoe was not, so by all accounts, it's an original. It also has straw marks, which tend to be a good indicator of age. Most reproductions don't have straw marks. Now, you may be wondering what straw marks are. Back in the day, when glass was removed from the molds and left to cool, they were placed on beds of straw, and sometimes the glass was still soft enough that the straw left impressions on it. Generally, reproductions were made a different way and usually didn't rest in beds of straw to cool. In any case, the canoe is absolutely gorgeous, and I got it for a steal on eBay at only $4.99.

Well, that's pretty much it for my day! At least the parts worth discussing. I did get another 6 eggs from my hens this morning, and I did give another 18 eggs to the family across the street, and I did have a terrified dog and cat with all the thunder going on (they both came into my little office area to sit near me while the worst of the thunder was going on), but nothing really memorable or newsworthy I guess lol. In any case, have a wonderful evening, gentle reader, and here's looking forward to a fantastic Wednesday!


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