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Monday, April 12, 2021

Happy Monday! Conversely, while Friday was the Mondayest Friday ever, today was the least Mondayest Monday ever. Ok, maybe not the least, but it didn't seem all that bad today. Now, to begin with, of course things went crazy in the first 30 minutes, but after that, it just didn't seem as bad. Of course, we're starting a new software this week, and I was sent a video I needed to watch on this new software...a 2 hour video, so I wasn't on the phones much at all this morning. Of course, that also says a lot about today, but I kept an eye on the queue, and it never got crazy enough that I needed to hop off the video and back on the phones. I took my lunch break before finishing the video, and then finished it shortly after, hopping back on the phones for the rest of the day. I'd been told that the new software was going to be a nightmare, but after watching the video about it, I don't think so. I think it's going to be different, and it'll take some getting used to, but I don't see it as the horror that some have said. But then again, I've not started using it yet either! I'm just remaining cautiously optimistic, or optimistically cautious, about it right now.

Just before starting work this morning, I caught Maggie doing some light reading on glassware while resting on the bed. She decided it was perfect for a photo opp and began posing for it, then snuggled up against my hand for another picture. And of course since I photographed Maggie at rest and reading, I had to capture Max at rest too, in his little doggy bed next to my work computer. Oh, and the last image in that second row? I found my missing shoe! Or at least most of it lol. It was in the yard up the street where their big dog, Gunner, took it. And chewed it up. But, since I only wear those shoes now for going into the chicken pen, it should be fine as long as it stays on. I honestly can't believe I found it lol.

Speaking of the chickens, I got some more pictures of their fluffy butts as they acted like the tiny little dinosaurs they are during their feeding on this afternoon's break. One would think they haven't been fed in days! I really do need to work on their pen and expand it a bit so they can go out beyond the main pen and frolick and eat grass and bugs. The next row of pictures is of Max enjoying the sunshine, and then the next row after that is of Maggie strutting out into the backyard, at least as far as I'd let her go. She's becoming too brave and needs to chill a bit about going too far from the back stoop.

And then the last row is when I'm finally working on the 75 gallon tank. I drained it of water this evening, then took out most of the big rocks and am rinsing them off in the sink. I think I'm done for tonight and will work on the rest tomorrow, but I still need to take out one more big rock, then the driftwood, rinse the algae off of all those, and then take out the substrate and clean the sides. Once it's all set, I'll put in the soil, plant the 6 creeping Jennys/moneyworts, and put a thin layer of sand over the soil. I still need to get some more aquatic plants too, since the way a Walstad tank works is to be full of plants. The plants and the soil actually are what keeps the tank clean, although I will add a filter on as well. I hope to have the soil, Jennys, and sand in the tank by Wednesday or Thursday, then I'll have to find some more plants to put in there. I'm tempted just to put the Jennys in, but I think I'll want some variety.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Monday evening, gentle reader, and hopefully your day was good! Keep good thoughts for Tuesday for us all, and hopefully this week will be much nicer to all of us than last week was! Until tomorrow!


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