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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Happy Sunday, folks! Today was a great day! After the hubby arrived last night, we went for ice cream at Dairy Queen, and for the first time in a year, the dining room was open! So we actually went inside instead of our usual deal of ordering through the drive through, then going back around and eating in the parking lot. Afterwards, we came home, had some personal time, then looked up some glassware on eBay before heading to bed. He loved the EAPG Cane creamer I'd bought him, and I also shared some of the 16 surviving pieces of the EAPG Daisy and Button with V Ornament with him. I gave him the flared rim celery and one of the toothpicks, plus I also gave him one of the 2 clear V Ornament celeries I'd gotten. He went home this afternoon with a haul lol.

Sunday started with my not wanting to get up lol, so I hit snooze for a couple of times. Then I got up and went into the hubby's room to snuggle for a while. As a reminder, I sleep on the sofa with my cpap machine and the hubby has his own room at the house for the one night (possibly going to be two nights now!) a week he sleeps here. After snuggling and then some personal time, I took Max for his walk while the hubby unloaded his restaurant supplies from my van and put them into his truck. Once Max, the fish, and the chickens were squared away, and showers taken, and took 2 pictures of Maggie in her favorite position (first 2 pictures below), we headed out for breakfast, thinking we were ahead of the curve for a change. Alas, we were mistaken, it was still after 9 when we reached Hardy's.

After breakfast, we went to Lowe's so the hubby could get some plants, but dang if I didn't end up getting some also. From Lowe's, I got 6 creeping Jenny that I plan to use in the 75 gallon aquarium once I convert it to the Walstad method. Evidently creeping Jenny can grow either as a terrestrial plant or an aquatic one! Who knew? So I figure that should be an excellent jumpstart on getting it going. Once I find the time and energy to drain it, remove the current decorations and the gravel that's in there, and then start putting in the soil and the sand. I'd love to do that this week, so maybe I can get myself motivated and just do a little at a time. Anyway, besides the creeping Jenny, I also got a gorgeous miniature rose and 2 sky pencil hollies for planting out by the patio. The 6 creeping Jenny are the third picture below, then the 2 sky pencils, then the miniature rose. The last picture on the third row is the hubby when we went to The Flowerbed Nursery in Purvis after eating lunch. The first picture on the fourth row is of the hubs and I together in a selfie at the nursery. The other two images on that row are of a plant called by several names: False Holly, Holly Osmanthus, and Holly Tea Olive. It's scientific name is Osmanthus heterophyllus. It's a beautiful shrub that we looked at and liked, but it also grows 15 feet tall, so, you know, without some place for it to grow to that height, we passed on actually getting it.

The next row is of a miniature Knockout rose!!! I never knew they existed, and evidently they're fairly new. I thought about getting one, but since I already had my miniature rose, I changed my mind on that. Next is a picture of some Joseph's Coat and some coleuses that I liked. I almost got some of those too, but I think I spent enough today lol. The next picture is one that I did buy, which I believe is an Easter cactus. I've yet to look it up lol, but that's what I think it is, and it's pretty, so even if not...that's ok. And finally, the next is of one we didn't know the name of, but we sure thought it was pretty! I was going to ask Ryan (his dad owns The Flowerbed Nursery) about it, hence the picture, but alas, I completely forgot. But that's ok, I'll just look it up later.

Next are some of the plants I bought at the nursery. I'd planned on not buying anything, but I ended up spending more at the nursery than the hubby did. The first two pictures are of a plant called Ageratum. Those images are of how they appeared in their nursery containers. Then the Easter cactus after I potted it. Next is a beautiful little ivy, and then 2 double impatients (one white, one pink) and I put into a pot with a plectranthus. The plectranthus is pretty, and it has a sweet aroma eminating from it. Next are the Ageratum in my pots, and then a hybrid, trailing torennia that I just had to have. Then 2 red salvia, potted up and sitting on my front stoop.

The next three pictures are of plants already in my yard, specifically these are in the square flowerbed next to my porch. They are a lemon coral sedum, two of my irises that are about to bloom, and my cannas that are coming up big and bold. After we left the nursery, we stopped by an estate sale that I knew had some coins for sale, but alas, the coins were all sold on Thursday evening. But, it wasn't a total loss. I collect copper lustreware from the Civil War and before. They had 2 pieces there. The big one in the next to last row below if a copper lustreware pitcher (probably water) from 1823, whereas the small one is a creamer from around the Civil War. And of course Sunday is half price day at K&D Estate Sales, so I got them for 50% off.

After the sale, we came back home, had some more personal time, then got the hubby loaded up with his new plants and after he left, I walked Max, then potted up the new plants. All in all, it was a very good and productive Sunday, although time of course just flew by. I can't believe it's already almost 8:30pm (my bedtime, or at least the time I strive to be in bed by - never happens, but I try) and Monday will be here before you know it. I'm so not looking forward to having to train on the new system that's coming this week. And having to train remotely, at that. Oh well, change always happens, and maybe the new system will be better. From what I've heard, it won't, but I still have hope. After all, without hope, what do you have?

Ok, zombies and ghouls, I' wrapping this up. Enjoy all the images below, maybe that'll make up for the skimpiness of them lately lol. Enjoy the rest of your evening and don't dread Monday too much! After all, Monday probably fears us just as much as we fear it!


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