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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday, what a day, been waiting all week for you! My apologies to Happy Days, but that's how today felt. What did I do? Not a whole heck of a lot. I'd planned to work in the yard, get the azaleas planted, work some more on the brick patio, etc, but since we had a ferocious thunderstorm last night and the ground is still soaking wet, I didn't do anything outdoorsy other than feed the chickens and gather their eggs. Most of the day was spent inside, straightening up, cleaning, etc. And then some time spent playing Skyrim,with some sprinkling of Golden Girls episodes to break things up.

Max had a great day, he cooperated for the most part on our morning walk, and he definitely enjoyed having me with him and not on the computer and phones. The 6 pictures below are actually all that I have for today, and they just show a big limb that came down in last night's storm around the corner in someone else's yard, with Max investigating, and then some pictures of the abandoned trailer where the limb came down. The man that owned the trailer died a couple of years ago, and his family has just been letting it sit there and become run-down and overgrown. The hubby would really like to buy it to fix it up and rent it out, but we're guessing there's some sort of family power struggle over it. It's definitely becoming an eyesore for the community though.

The only other thing of interest that happened was going to Sam's on my weekly run for the hubby's restaurant. I chose to go at 6:30 (getting there by 6:45) to let the crowds thin out a bit. A few of the items on his list were a bit difficult for me to get, due to the broken finger that I think I'd like just to chop off, so it quits getting in my way, such as the 3 50-pound bags of sugar and the large boxes of cups, but I managed lol. Some day my finger will be better, although lately I have been wondering if I actually broke it or just dislocated it. The way it's so crooked makes me wonder, but it's probably too late now to do anything about it if that is the case.

Well, the hubby is on his way down (this is his late Saturday), and we'll be going for ice cream at Dairy Queen. Actually, this should be his last late Saturday ever. He plans to close the restaurant on Saturdays, since good help is so hard to find and because he and his mom (who helps him run it) are so tired. So, starting next weekend, we should have full weekends together! Yay!

Ok, signing off for now. Until tomorrow!


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