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Friday, April 9, 2021

Oh Friday, why did you have to be a Monday? Today was the Mondayest Friday I've seen in a while. Nothing went right, everything was ridiculous, and I won't even go into the caliber of the callers. But it's over with and I won't try to rehash my day.

This afternoon was Max's vet appointment, where we would learn if the masses have grown much in the last 4 weeks. I was supposed to take him last Friday, but what with being sick Wednesday and Thursday and then having to stay until 5:00 Friday to make up for it, I had to postpone until today. When I took him out to the car, he thought he was going on one of his walks, so surprise when I put him up on the passenger seat of the van. He looked so stricken, like I was trying to kill him or something lol. On the drive there, I decided not to take the interstate, although that would have been so much faster, because a huge trailer was on the ramp and I knew that would slow me down. So I went a little longer way and, because of a "yay for me and the hell with you" driver ahead of me, I missed a green light and was thus almost late for the appointment. While there, Max of course was all about the smells on the floor, and he wanted to make friends with this huge brindle dog that came in, but that dog didn't seem terribly friendly and he had a mouth big enough to stuff Max entirely into, so Max didn't get to socialize like he would have liked. Once we got back into a room, I talked with the nurse about how he's been, about his behavorial changes on our walks, and how he just wants to keep eating. Then she whisked him away to see the doctor and get his ultrasound. After a bit, she and the doctor brought Max back, and we discussed how Max is doing. He actually got a good report, the masses in his liver having shown any significant change, so the doctor has decided it's more than likely not cancer but either cirrhosis or fibrosis. He got his favorite prescription again, the Denamarin, and thank God that was his only prescription. The doctor flirted with the idea of prescribing prednisone again, but I mentioned that Max seems to be much happier without it. I wasn't sure I even wanted the Denamarin, but it helps his liver to function normally, so there's that.

I changed up the pictures below a little bit. The first 4 pictures are of Max in the van on our way home. I had decided I wanted to get some Krystal burgers for my dinner (big mistake), so I snapped those pictures of him while we were in line for forty-five minutes (!!!) to get my Krystals. Forty-five minutes. The hubby complains because of the fact there's no one that seems to want to work these days, and I certainly saw that at Krystal. They have a help wanted sign up, and from what I could see there may have been 2 people working. I only saw the one, and she was running around, so it may just have been her trying to run the register and get the food cooked. I'm assuming there was at least someone in the kitchen, but given that I was fifth in line and waited 45 minutes...she may very well have been alone. If you or someone you know needs a job in the Hattiesburg area, go to the Krystal on 49 across from the Convention Center (it may even be the last Krystal left in Hattiesburg, I'm not sure), and you're more than likely guaranteed a job. The first 2 of those pictures are when he was smelling the good scents coming from Krystal, the next 2 are when he realized we were just parked there for so long so he decided to relax and take a nap lol.

The last 2 pictures below are of a wooden cat sculpture in the exam room at the vet's office, and my lone chicken coop shoe. I thought the cat was really cool and decided he was worthy of a place in my blog. I should have taken other pictures of the room or at least at the vet's office, but I was focused on my Max. So therefore, there are very few pictures in this entry. The last picture below is of my lone chicken coop shoe (well, I actually refer to them as my "chicken-shit shoes) that I use to enter the very chicken-shit-covered floor of the pen. Why is there only one, you may be asking? Well, when I went out this morning to feed the chickens, I found only one shoe. I keep them on the top step of my back stoop, so I can only imagine that some dog came by, smelled the shit on the shoes, and took off with it lol. Now I have to wear another pair that I can't just "slip into" like I could those, so it slows me down some. I'll have to look for a pair of rubber slip-on flip-flops or sandals this weekend. I definitely can't wear my good shoes into the pen, and when I'm trying to run out to collect eggs and get Max out on my work breaks, every second counts, so I need something just to slip on.

Ok, and with that, I will wrap up this entry. I hope everyone has good weekend plans for the 2 days ahead! Stay safe, gentle reader!


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