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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Today wasn't entirely bad, but I did have some "say what?" moments. One caller wanted an appointment, so I told her I had an 11:00 this morning or a 2:45 this afternoon. She immediately asks, "Which one is later?" I paused for a moment to let her think about what she asked, but of course she did not, so I told her, "Uhm, that would be the 2:45 this afternoon." Thank goodness most calls today weren't of that calibre. When the day started though, I was like, am I the only one answering? I could see about 20 people logged into the system, but only one - me - on active calls and the queue was building up. I found out shortly afterwards that most people - well, everyone but me lol, at least at first - were experiencing phone issues. But it was ok, I handled the calls I got like a boss. ;)

Max has not felt good all day, and again when we went for his early morning walk, he refused to go. I got him out to the street, but that's as far as I could get him. He did willingly go out with me when I went to feed the chickens around 7:15, but did not go when I went on my morning break. He walked on my lunch break, but I had to carry him home again. Same thing on our evening walk after I got off work. He has a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we'll see what the vet says about him. I realized today that I have been sort of distancing myself emotionally from him, I guess in preparation for when the inevitable comes. Once I realized I'd been doing that, I've tried to close that gap again. Part of that was on my afternoon break, when he didn't want to go out, I sat with him on the sofa. Unfortunately, when my break was over, I went to get up, not realizing he had somehow gotten his back leg through the keyring I wear on my belt loop, and he screamed when I stood up. Once I realized what had happened, I felt so terrible, so I just held him for a few minutes, telling him I was sorry over and over. That has never happened before, and I really don't understand how it did that time. I just felt horrible, but he seemed to be ok after that.

The first three rows of pictures below are of my side yard when that I took when I was getting the chickens fresh water. They extend left to right (west to east) from my goldfish pond and Natches crepe myrtle trees on around to look down the side of the house to the street. The other 2 pictures on the third row are of Max and I having a conversation after we got back from the walk on my lunch break.

Those next three pictures of from a neighbor's yard, and are the blooms of a bush my mom called a red top (but I don't know if that's the correct name or not). They are beautiful and have a sickly-sweet perfume to them. I know some people are allergic, and I wonder if I may be slightly so to them lol, but they're beautiful to behold.

Next is the Cane pattern EAPG creamer I got for the hubby. It arrived in the mail today along with a couple of pieces that are mine. The compote is called Tree of Life with Hand, and I believe it's from 1879. Then the clear milk pitcher (size up from a creamer, size down from a water pitcher) is the Daisy and Button with Crossbars pattern that I have several pieces of, it's from 1886 or so.

And sorry this one is late, I'm actually typing it up Friday morning, but I lost track of time Thursday evening. Friday's should be on time this evening, so I'll see you, gentle reader, then!


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