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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

It is hump day! We're officially halfway through this week! Actually, at this point, Wednesday evening, we're 3/5 of the way through this week! Yes, I'm a little excited by that! LOL, it's been a hell of a week so far. At least today wasn't nearly as rough as Monday and Tuesday were, although I did have a couple callers that made me want to start drinking. But officially, another day is behind us! Although either later this week or early next week, I'll have to start training for the new software we're having to use. Oy vey, we'll see if it's going to be any better than the crappy stuff we have now. What they need to do is upgrade the computers, not the software, to make things go smoother. But, I'm just a lone voice in the darkness.

Max had another rough day. To begin with, he refused to go on his walk this morning. Oh, he was excited about it before we left the house. And we got out into the front yard, and he was still excited. But then for some reason, he refused to leave the yard. He peed a couple of times, but then wanted to go right back inside. So we did that, and then I fed him. His appetite has increased to the point where it's unhealthy. I can't feed him as much as he wants because his little belly can only hold so much. But I think he'd eat everything in this house if I let him. Anyway, about an hour later, I decided to try again, and got him as far as the street before he refused to go any further and just wanted to come back inside. I honestly don't know what to do with him. He didn't want to go outside on my breaks today either. I did encourage him to walk on my lunch break, and he pooped, but then he didn't want to walk back to the house. I ended up carrying him. After work, when we walked then, same thing, he walked (but I had to encourage him), but once we started back, he just stopped and I had to carry him again. We have a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon, so I'll be asking about that when we go.

I did take some pictures of the front yard and house from the road to give an idea of how my curb appeal looks. I like it, I don't know that anyone else would lol. And of course it needs some work. But overall, I'm rather proud of how it looks from the road. Those are the first row below. The second and third rows are, of course, my Golden Comet chickens. First pictures of them eating some grass and clover and I gave them, then pictures of their fluffy butts eating some scratch grain I tossed out for them. The next rows are just some pictures of goats and donkeys I found on, a picture website where I'm a member and can download free images that people donate. My goal is sometime in the next few years to start up a farm, and of course goats and donkeys will be part of that farm (as well as chickens, ducks, geese, miniature cattle, etc).

The very last image is from last night, of the little courtyard I built over the weekend. For some reason, all four of the solar lights were working (unlike the previous nights), so I grabbed a quick, if grainy, image of it. I really like how it's coming together and am looking forward to hopefully finishing it this weekend.

Ok, I think it's time to wrap things up here. Have a great evening, gentle reader, and I'll post again tomorrow!


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