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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday has come and is just about gone! Another 18 hours and we'll be halfway through this week, in the middle of hump day, dreaming about the weekend and glad to have put half of the week, arguably the worst two days, behind us. Today started off really great at work (sarcasm alert). The rudest caller I had all day called around 8:20 this morning and really set me off for a little while before my naturally cheery (haha) disposition took over. She was rude to me and I was rude right back to her, which I should not have been, but she pushed all my buttons this morning. This was offset later in the day when a caller told me I was well-suited for my job and right where I should be because of how cordial I was with her. LOL, well, you know, there's that old computer saying, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out), meaning what you put into something is what you get out of it. So you come to me sincerely nice (not saccharine nice, just trying to get your way) and I'll respond in kind. If only more people understood that lol, and if only more callers would realize I am not the enemy but am sincerely trying to help. Oh well, enough rambling about my job.

The hubby's dad had a doctor's appointment this morning, and they ended up putting 3 stents into him. I haven't found out yet exactly why or what the stents were for, but he said his dad is ok. If you'd like to send some prayers or positive thoughts his way, that would be appreciated.

Max didn't want to go outside on my breaks, I had to make him go on the first one, then I took him for a walk on my lunch break, but for the afternoon break, he completely refused to go outside. However, from 3:30 until 5:00, he was trying to rush me to take him out for his evening walk. I finally did, and got some pictures of him (the first row below) on that walk. It was a brief walk, because he didn't want to go far. At least it wasn't like the walk on my lunch break, where I ended up having to carry him back because he just wouldn't walk any further. Always a joy to carry him back, lol. Honestly I don't mind, but I imagine I look pretty silly carrying him down the street back to our house lol.

Maggie demanded some personal time this evening after work as well. She was determined she was going to get some love, first by attacking my hand, then by rubbing against my hand, then looking up at me trying to figure out why the heck I was photographing her lol. But she got her George-time in for the evening, although she of course wants more. It's like with her food, she might have plenty in her bowl, but she has to try and get me to add more and more. Or just put her up to her food lol.

And finally, the last two pictures below are of the 'keets and then of Rex, my King Betta fish. And with that, I will wrap up this post. Everyone have a great evening and look forward to hump day tomorrow!


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