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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter! He is risen! I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter and spent it with loved ones or at least spent it in a way that you enjoyed!

This was a strange Sunday without the hubby around. It just didn't feel right at all. But I did make good use of the day. I ended up working outside most of the afternoon, working carefully around my broken finger of course, and got quite a bit accomplished, although not as much as I'd hoped to do. I managed to get the pile of bricks from behind the storage shed loaded onto my cart, and got the water fountain and the bricks in place - although I'm more than likely going to have to redo the bricks, since the ground was not at all level out there. But I may just say screw it and leave it as is lol.

But, first things first. I took Max for his walk this morning after I slept in again - I didn't get up until 7am. Such a slug-a-bed! Anyway, one of the huge azaleas on our walk greeted us with such beauty this morning that I decided it would be part of the blog. That's the first two pictures below. It is so huge and so gorgeous! I can't wait until mine are planted and growing! The third picture is of the yard next to where the huge azalea is. Those are smaller and more restrained, but I love how they encircle the gazebo. Someday I hope to have a gazebo and will certainly plant azaleas, or something similarly pretty, around it.

The next row of pictures are when I started working on moving that pile of bricks. It took a little while and my back was about give out, so I ended up having to set a cinderblock on its end and sit on that while I transferred the last half of the bricks. It was slow going, having to be careful around the finger, but wearing leather gloves helped keep the finger immobilized and helped for gripping the bricks with fewer fingers. But I finally had all the bricks on the cart and off of the ground, and I was ready to pull them (with the lawn mower, it would have taken too much out of this old man to pull that loaded-down cart by hand lol) around to the front, but first I took some photos of the compost bin. It's pretty much full with compostable trash, including a bunch of cardboard boxes I broke down to toss in there. Of course I'm still adding to it, but it's got quite a bit to tide it over for the time being.

The next picture row is of my water fountain as I installed it. It took a little bit longer than I planned too, mainly because I couldn't find proper tools for it lol. I've got to get myself a nice big toolbox with drawers to keep on my porch, although I can hear the hubby yelling "Hell no you don't!" But he'll get over it, if I find one attractive enough. Anyway, I got the basin sunk into the ground and leveled, and then got the cover over the basin, then installed the actual fountain, along with the water pump and the electrical connections for the ring of light around the bubbler. It actually works really well and I love it! Then I took river stones and put those around it, not quite hiding the black plastic tray, but hopefully enough to where it won't matter. I'll probably add more stones later on though. And then I started putting the bricks down. My original idea was to have patterns not only with the direction of the bricks but with the two different colors too. That idea went out the window as I was just trying to get done lol. Once I put in as many bricks as I could - the left over ones weren't enough to do anymore and keep it in balance, so I'll be purchasing some more next weekend - I then put my bright solar lights around it. I'll take a picture (or 3) after dark to post on tomorrow's entry.

Once all that was done, I put away my tools, then took Max for his afternoon walk. After we got back, I spent a little quality photo time with Maggie, then took a picture of my slightly-sunburned self, and of course I had to toss a picture of Max lying in his little bed near my computer desk in there. And then the last picture is of how blue the sky was this afternoon while I was working. The tree that's leafing out is the one by the road that is always getting the top cut out by the electric company.

And that, gentle reader, is my day. I will say typing right now is a bit of a pain because my arms hurt from all that unaccustomed labor! But it feels good to be sore from doing something that I'm going to love. Obviously I didn't get the azaleas planted today, but that'll be a task for next weekend. So on that note, I will bid you adieu, gentle reader, and I hope your Sunday evening is a great one! As for me, I'm going to go soak in the bathtub!


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