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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday! What a day! Man, I can't believe it's already April 3! They say the older you get the faster time passes, and that's certainly true! With the exception of last year, of course, when it was simultaneously the shortest and longest year ever! Definitely more long than short, of course, but this year seems to be more short than long, at least so far. Today was a gorgeous day, even if it did start out pretty nippy. I think our low this morning was in the 35-37 range (Siri said one, Alexa said another, and my thermometer on my porch disagreed completely with both, but it's rarely accurate itself). It would have been a perfect day to work in the yard, if my broken finger hadn't been an obstacle. I had grandiose plans for working outside, but my finger had other ideas. I did manage to get a bit of what I wanted to accomplish done, but not nearly all that I had in mind. It's tough digging holes for plants with a shovel with a finger that not only doesn't want to move but also hurts when it gets hit lol. But I did manage to get my three trellises and three climbing Iceberg tea roses in the ground. I'm going to try to do more tomorrow, but I wish I had thought to ask my friend Phillip about his yard guy. Would have been nice to have someone that could do the harder work involved, things would get done so much faster, but I didn't think to ask and I seriously doubt he would have been available the day of lol. But it's so much nicer to do it myself, even with the bad apendage slowing me down. The last row of pictures below are the completed trellis and rose plantings.

For most of the day, I stayed inside doing things that wouldn't hurt so much. In theory, anyway, lol. I got some areas cleaned up inside, I made Max's chicken and rice meal, and I also rearranged one of my display cases to make space for the new glassware - including what came in the mail today. The first row below shows a blue milk pitcher in Daisy and Button with Crossbar. The amber pitcher that came yesterday was, of course, supposed to be a milk pitcher but ended up being a water pitcher. The milk pitcher is a size smaller; whereas the water pitcher is nearly 8" tall, the milk pitcher is nearly 7" tall. Then of course the creamer would be nearly 6" tall. I do love the amber, but the blue is so beautiful.

The next two rows are of my Daisy and Button with Narcissus water pitcher that arrived today. You may remember yesterday I had received the water tray in that pattern and expected the pitcher to arrive today, and thankfully it did arrive as expected. There are three pictures of just the pitcher by itself, and then three pictures of the pitcher on the tray. I can't wait to get the two goblets and include them in the display. The pattern is absolutely beautiful and I'm very happy to include it in my collection. There were reproductions of this pattern (unlike the Daisy and Button with V Ornament or the Daisy and Button with Crossbar, which were never reproduced), but those reproductions are limited to small wines or cordials. I do try to steer clear of any patterns that were extensively reproduced, although in some cases it's very easy to tell the original from the reproduction; however, in many cases, it's not quite so easy, especially if you just have the one piece and nothing to compare it to.

The next row of pictures are of Max and me relaxing this afternoon before I went out to work in the yard. He was in a snuggly mood, but only for a short time; not long after these pictures, he went and passed out on the sofa. One of these days I'm gonna have to record him snoring lol.

The hubby didn't come down this weekend. This would have been his longer weekend too, but he took his mom to another state to visit relatives for the holiday. They left about 6:30 this morning and arrived around 1:30 this afternoon. I'd hate a 7 hour drive. I mean, I love to drive, but more than two hours driving and I'm ready for it to be over lol. I just don't think I could even imagine driving for that long, but then again, it might not be as bad as I think. I was way too young to remember much of when we moved to Mississippi from New York. I remember we drove all day and stopped at a motel to spend the night, but I don't remember details at all. And actually, we did that twice, since we came down first to scout out the area and I guess that's when my parents bought the house as well. Then we drove back to New York and a few weeks (months?) later, we drove back to Mississippi for good. That was way way back in 1973 lol. Damn, 2 more years and I'll have lived in Mississippi for 50 years. I turned 6 just a few weeks after we moved here.

Ok, I'm wrapping up this posting. I hope you, gentle reader, have a wonderful evening doing whatever you enjoy doing most, whether it's relaxing at home with a good book, playing Skyrim like I'm about to go do, or going out and partying. Until tomorrow!


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