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Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday is my first day back at work since being sick 2 days with my ongoing IBS issues. It was a humdinger of a day, too! It truly amazes me how people call a clinic on Friday afternoon to ask for refills and want them sent in right then and there! Refill requests have a 2-3 business day window because of the sheer volume of requests, not to mention the fact the clinic is still trying to go through regular operations with patients in the clinic, and then there's the fact a lot of clinics will close early on Fridays - especially on Good Friday. And people get so mad and nasty when you explain to them the 2-3 business day window for refills. But, it's over with now, and I want to get on to the good parts of today.

Max was acting a lot friskier and happier today, which could mean several things, but I'm not going to explore those avenues and will just be happy that he was feeling good today. Maggie was a pain in the ass for a good bit of the day, constantly asking me to go outside. I can't blame her, it was a beautiful sunny day and I hated being stuck inside myself, but I can't just let her go out whenever she likes when I'm manning the phones lol. And it's not like I can just let her go outside by herself - although earlier this week, when I had taken Max out for his 4:50am walk, she came out on the porch to sit and wait for us. I can leave her unsupervised - for a short while - on the porch because with the gate closed, she doesn't try to leave it. So, Max and I went our merry way, and we came back, I brought him inside, fed the fish, fed him and myself, and went about my morning. At 7:15am, I went to feed the chickens and looked for Maggie to come running to go out with us. She never came. At that point, I realized to my horror that I had left her on the front porch! She sometimes will hide under a table out there when I come back, and I had on that day forgotten she even went out with us! So I went flying through the house from the back door to the front, flung open the front door, and there she was, screaming her head off to come back inside! Needless to say, she did not accompany us out the back door to feed the chickens lol. I felt so bad, but she is partly to blame for hiding lol. Now I make sure, if she comes out with us in the morning, that I remember her when we return!

In other news, I had some glassware arrive today as well. The first box that arrived, via FedEx, was a large box of a 17-piece-lot I had bought on eBay. These are all amber colored pieces of Daisy and Button with V Ornament, aka Vandyke, and are from 1886. Unfortunately, one of the pieces arrived broken - a creamer, which is really the first creamer I've ever even seen in this pattern. So, I was heart-broken that it didn't survive, but fortunately, the other 16 pieces did. Those pieces include 6 small berry bowls, 2 celery vases in different shapes (one regular, one flared), a spooner, 2 tumblers (one regular, one that was etched with the date of 1886 and what looks to have been a family name on the other side, perhaps "Fainer"?, but it was then ground down to be shorter than the regular tumbler), 2 toothpick holders, a rectangular relish tray, and 2 mugs (one looks to be an adult's, the other is more child-sized). They are shown below, in the order I mention here, one row per description. I had also ordered what I thought to be a milk pitcher in amber in the Daisy and Button with Crossbar, aka Mikado, pattern. The measurements given on the eBay listing were wrong - it's actually a water pitcher, so I now have 2 amber Mikado water pitchers. I'll just display them next to each other. Next is a pair of clear Daisy and Button with V Ornament celery vases. While the hubby and I tend to prefer colored glass, the clear glass can be just as beautiful, and I'm quite happy to have gotten these. And then the last item I got is a clear water tray in the Daisy and Button with Narcissus, aka Daisy and Button with Lily, made by Indiana Glassware in 1910. I have a water pitcher in this pattern arriving today, and I also ordered two goblets, so I'll have a nice little set when they all arrive.

Hopefully this influx of pictures will make up for the previous 2 days when I wasn't feeling well! Anyway, please enjoy the pictures and have a fantastic weekend!


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