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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Today, Thursday, April 1, was just about a repeat of yesteray. I started out feeling terrible again, had to call in for the second day in a row, and spent most of the day in misery. Fortunately, sometime this afternoon I finally started feeling a little better. And I'll take better, whether it's a little or a lot! Max hasn't felt good this week either, and he was supposed to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow late afternoon, but since I was out yesterday and today, I won't be able to get off at 3:30 tomorrow as I normally would. So I had to call and postpone his appointment for next Friday, same time, same station. His belly has been looking a bit distended, but he's also asking me for food more often, acting like he's starving. I guess the IBD is doing that, since he's not absorbing a lot of his food through his intestinal walls. Or it could be the masses growing. I won't know until his appointment and it makes me sick that I had to reschedule it. I'll just have to take great pains not to be sick myself next week.

Anyway, today is the First of April, April Fool's Day, and the beginning of the first full month of spring (for those of us in the northern hemisphere anyway). Everything is so green and healthy and growing, I sure hope the projected low of 35 for tonight doesn't ruin all that! My pink knockout rose in the flowerbed out by the road (been there for years, I don't remember what year I planted it) has started blooming, with three blooms on it. Two are pictured below, the first two pictures. The third is my spirea, aka Baby's Breath, which has only increased in its beauty since I last showcased it here. And because tonight is supposed to reach 35, I brought in all my porch plants (well, all those I'm worried about - the cacti and succulents stayed outside) and arranged them in front of the hubby's bedroom door, since he won't be using it any time soon. Those are the second row of images - a group photo, then a closeup of the geranium, and another closeup, this time of the kalanchoe.

Most of my day passed like yesterday, either in the bathroom, or resting in the living room with Max snuggled up against me until he grew tired of snuggling. I did eat more today than I did yesterday, although I skipped breakfast again due to the nausea. I'm looking forward to my normal breakfast tomorrow of 2 eggs and sausage. Anyway, I'll make this entry short as well since not a lot happened today. I'd planned to write up a nice long entry while I was out today, but obviously that didn't happen, Have a great night, gentle reader, and I'll post again tomorrow!


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